Michael Jordan’s 1996-97 Season! The year they took home their 5th NBA title in a row, and a year that was lead by Michael Jordan, Pippen and Rodman Michael Jordan Authentic Hardwood Classic Jersey! There isn’t anything else in the world like an Authentic Hardwood Classic. This is one of the most important jerseys in Michael Jordan’s history, the fifth NBA championship win in a row for the team, lead by Jordan. This Michael Jordan Hardwood Classic Authentic Jersey is a TRUE COPY of the NBA Jersey that he wore on the court during this time. Unlike the HWC Swingman’s, the Authentic ranges replicate the same fabrics, trims, cuts and aesthetic details that you would also find on any of Michael Jordan’s actual Jerseys from back in the day. Jordan’s jersey is made from 100% polyester mesh, the same material as the actual NBA jerseys at the time, instead of the cheaper performance-based material found in Swingman’s and features side vents for extra ventilation.  With the Authentic 2-colour twill on the front and back for Jordan’s Name and Number. Due to the love, care and attention to detail put into creating a jersey of this form, it comes at the higher price point of $359.95! This is a collectables item. An apparel piece that will never go out of style, for a player that will stand the test of time! Michael Jordan Hardwood Classic jerseys by Mitchell and Ness ONLY come as Authentic’s, they do not come as HWC Swingman’s the way most player’s jerseys do. The GOAT of HWC jerseys for the GOAT of the NBA! Lifestyle | Culture | Contest


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