Every week we are approached by clubs, schools, charities and plenty of others about donations for fund raisers. While we would love to help everybody we could not support them all.

This is why we are proud to offer our fundraising program.  Working closely together; YourJersey.com.au and the Awesome Ugly Co. is offering clubs, schools, charities and any other party chasing fundraising the opportunity to have a custom designed garment that can be sold to your supporters.

Just Some of the Products we offer

Silver Fox Big Red Run

We used the fundraising service to sell some merchandise for an event I was competing in. The team put together some awesome
designs and ran the whole thing. All I had to do was promote the event to all my followers, freinds and family. We sold over 100 items
and the best part is I didn’t have to do any of the work! The guys gave me the ad artwork and I just kept pushing it on facebook and
instagram with a link to the website. I would recommend this service for any school, club, organisation or individual. Its a great way to
get awesome gear and raise money!
– Neil Collie, Silver Fox Big Red Run

USC Barbarians Rugby Club

In 2016 we celebrated our 20th year as a club. We dedicated a weekend in June to the celebration which saw over 200
people attend a Gala Ball with many travelling from overseas. Running such a big event stretched our volunteers to
the maximum so we really struggled with the thought of merchandise. The team at Your Jersey were awesome! They
designed up a commemorative jersey with alot of names of playes and milestones on it and had them on display so we
could take presale orders. It was as simple as having a stack of flyers with the info as well as sending out a few emails
and we sold heaps. The gear was suprisingly very high quality for supporter jerseys and so many people loved the
keepsake for the club milestone, especially where they could put their name and number on the back. We will definitely
use the this service again, it took away the hassle and raised us some extra funds to go towards some great projects.
– Dean Neto, Senior President